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Press Release: May 7, 2012

New Tech Maritime Product Proves Profitable Fuel and Emissions Reduction

Product Release: May 1, 2012

IMO Mandatory Fuel Saving AutoPilot Sustainability Shipping NEWS
Breakthrough DIGIPILOT Technology

AutoMATE Marine Systems Technology to Reduce Shipping Fuel Consumption – Information Rack Card {PDF}

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Part 1 Genesis of Inertial Rudder Controllers
Part 2 “DigiPILOT Maritime Fuel Savings Technology Then and Now”- Ship Fuel Saving- Charts and Graphs 

DIGIPILOT Development-MARAD Funds

Genesis of Loran Augmented Satellite Navigation
Founders previous company background

RTCM Adaptive Autopilotot -Part 1 PDF
RTCM Adaptive Autopilot- Then and Now -Part 2 PDF


RTCM Adaptive Autopilot Payback Comparison .Doc Download Part 1 and 2

Adaptive Autopilot Fuel Saving Proof Video

g Captain: AutoMATE Marine “Is Iron Mike the Solution to Fuel Efficiency?”

RTCM: USCG Captain Charter- CAS to ARPA

RTCMAuto-Acquisition vs Manual or Guard Ring ARPA

IMO Adopts Important Guidelines to Support Implementation of Mandatory Energy Efficiency Measures for International Shipping

AutoMATE Marine’s Comments on Shipping Organization’s Response to IMO Energy Efficiency Mandate 03.2012

CMA Shipping 2012 Fuel Consumption Reduction Technology– AutoMATE Marine Press Release 03.20.12

DigiPLOT background- NY Times “Radar Aid Helps Ships Avoid Collisions” ( Archive 1971) View full size PDF

DigiPLOT and Product History [ Listen to Audio ] 

1-ION-1970-DIGI-description-2 A Fully Automatic Marine Radar Plotter





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