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Panel Display Ship Collision Avoidance Technology

Our first entry into the commercial marine electronics field was the DIGIPLOT fully automatic radar plotting and collision avoidance aid. This system, which was the first automatic commercial ship borne radar was considered the most important marine radar advance since World War II.

advanced automated navigation technology    

DIGIPLOT ARPA Displayed on Radar PPI

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       New DIGIPLOT Automatic ARPA Displayed on eChart* 

DIGIPLOT from previous 550 production shows a “Head Up” two-color radar PPI display on 6 nm scale with 6-minute predicted future position vector lengths. Own ship vector emanates from the PPI center is shown approaching New York harbor entrance with radar coastlines shown in green. Own ship’s vector and up to 40 other “ship-sized echo” moving vessel and/or buoy vectors are shown as circles displayed in orange. True vectors show other vessel’s present course with only a 15 second delay after they make a course change, thus providing other vessel’s aspect, aiding in following the rules-of-the-road even in daylight maneuvering.

Navigation Safety Emphasis Post Costa Concordia Incident

  • ECDIS Electronic Navigation Chart Equipment is Mandatory starting July 2012
  • Loss of paper charts, cause bridge workload increase transition requires automation
  • ECDIS not mandatory on existing vessels, early compliance of 3 years to save fuel early


DigiPLOT MARAD ARPA Compliant Collision Avoidance System

Download (PDF, 6.32MB)

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