Value Proposition
DIGIPILOT saves  fuel cost – it pays for itself in a couple of months and can earn you many $100’s of thousands of profit per ship every year

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The Value Proposition for DIGIPILOT is 3-Fold:

reduce shipping fuel costs maritime commercial vessel fuel savings chart increase profits1)  Reduce fuel consumption by 1-3%, increasing profit 6-12%

2) Shorten navigational courses to save time

3) Reduce corrective mechanical movement resulting in less downtime & cost.

With the Price of Oil Soaring to over $100/Barrel, Saving Fuel is the Lifeblood of your Profitability

With these savings, a full-price DIGIPILOT pays for itself in just a few months. See Shipping Fuel Saving Calculator

* DIGIPILOT saves theoretically up to 5% of fuel by reducing hull and rudder induced drag that slows the ship down.  Going slower means that more ships are needed to carry a given amount of cargo resulting in less profit for the ship owners. DIGIPILOT reduces unwanted steering system action causing hull and rudder drag resulting in a slight increase of speed which reduces fuel consumption,  saving up to 3 percent of fuel usage.

* DIGIPILOT improves “ON THE MOVE FUEL EFFICIENCY” like reducing miles per gallon on cars. Reducing your ship’s fuel consumption is a step towards increased sustainability with the added benefit of increased profits for your existing fleet.

* DIGIPILOT is analogous to when overdrive was patented and introduced on car transmissions which increased fuel economy and reduced maintenance cost on the engine.

Incentivized Profit Sharing Annuity with High Yield for Ship Owner

AutoMATE Marine Systems also offers an innovative business model to provide very low initial cost and an annuity of 10% of the savings per year.  The ship owner realizes 90% of the cost savings that flows directly to the bottom line.  During the voyage the AutoMATE system will record all of the DIGIPILOT input/outputs and other sensors on the ship as well as instrumentation put aboard temporarily for diagnosis.

Periodically it will also record, a switchover to the existing autopilot for a short time, to calibrate the amount of fuel savings using sensors. At each voyage end, all data emailed to the company will be analyzed for improvements for the less than optimum performance of each particular ship in its the sea state environment. Billing will only be based on the average percentage improvement achieved for fuel savings vs. operation on the conventional autopilot.

This concept not only helps the ship owner save cash while reducing fuel consumption, it like paying you to upgrade your vessel for sustainability- you can act now to lower your vessel/fleets global carbon footprint significantly and increases your profits.

Why Now? Oil price escalation results in fuel saving products in the 1980’s have a dramatically quicker payback today. A tenfold rise of fuel cost and tenfold digital technology reduction, results in a 100 fold benefit to cost ratio  improvement. The global shipping industry needs economic and environmental solutions today for their existing fleets.

This has has created a market for an autopilot add-on (DIGIPILOT) using inertial rudder control technology.  Ship owner’s savings of 1 to 3% of fuel, reduces fuel consumption of vessels- with benefits for the environment and increases the bottom line profit by 6 to 12%.

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