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DigiPILOT Fuel Saving Rudder Controller Breakthrough Guarantees Shipowner Profitability Complying with the IMO System Energy Management Plan (SEMP)

5.7.2012 Press Release

New Tech Maritime Product Proves Profitable Fuel and Emissions Reduction


Ship Energy Efficiency to Lower Carbon Footprint is NOW IMO Mandatory 
DIGIPILOT Fuel Saving Breakthrough is Compliant for 70,000 EXISTING Ships

New Product Release: Digipilot_Press_Release_New_Technology_Reducing_Shipping_Fuel Consumption- NEW IMO Energy Efficiency Mandate


Is Iron Mike The Solution To Ship Efficiency?
gCaptain article AutoMATE Marine Systems DigiPILOT 3.16.12

New technology solutions set on improving ship efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions appear in the inbox of gCaptain editors every week but many of these green ideas are in their infancy or simply impossible using today’s technology.  Read full shipping efficiency technology article on gCaptain

AutoMATE Marine Systems Releasing DigiPILOT at CMA 2012 Shipping Conference
March 19, 20 and 21 2012 in Stamford, CT.

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AutoMATE Marine Systems Will Soon be Making News 

The new headlines will read such as below:

  • Lower your fuel cost in heavy seas (and all sea states)
  • Reducing Ship Fuel Costs & Co2 Emissions Everyday
  • AutoMATE Marine Systems Receives More Patent Approvals
  • DIGIPILOT – upgrading fleets for sustainability pays you to go green
  • DIGIPILOT — an annuity of fuel savings with lasting benefits
Kristin Lee- Communications Director

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