AutoMATE Comments (in GREEN) on Shipping Organization’s Response to March 2012 IMO Mandate

Q: How much carbon dioxide does the international shipping industry emit per year?


A: International maritime shipping accounts for approximately 2.7 percent of annual global greenhouse gas emissions. Container ships account for approximately 25% of that amount, while moving roughly 52% of maritime commerce by value. (Existing ships are 90+% of all vessels)

Industry endorses IMO key principles for carbon emissions from ships.
1.  Effectively reduce CO2 emissions. 1 to 3% proven improvement vs existing autopilot- every trip
2.  Be binding and include all flag states. Yes
3.  Be cost effective. Quick payback and profit stream for compliance!
4.  Not distort competition. NA-To the contrary, cooperate to add to 70,000 existing ships
5.  Be based on sustainable development without restricting trade and growth. Yes
6.  Be goal-based and not prescribe particular methods. Goal is to improve, why our fee is earned!
7.  Stimulate technical research and development in the entire maritime sector  Incentivized saving within product
8.  Take into account new technology. Space technology applied to ships is advanced
9.  Be practical, transparent, free of fraud and easy to administer. Provides documented proof up front  Carbon Emissions
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