Breakthrough DigiPLOT Collision Avoidance System Meets USCG Regulations
Stamford, CT (CMA Shipping 2015 Conference) – March 23, 2015

real-time-collision-avoidanceAutoMATE Marine Systems announces the launch of an updated website and new UNATTENDED Collision Avoidance System (DigiPLOT) to coincide with CMA Shipping 2015 Conference and Trade Show in Stamford CT.  Ship owners looking to prevent collisions and fully meet US Law’s ARPA Regulations; now meeting the need at a fraction of previous cost.

DigiPLOT has been proven based on over 60 million hours of at sea automatic operation.  Recently redesigned with todays’ computing technology, DigiPLOT’s introductory price is lowered to one half – further increasing customer value and offering a future IMO fuel saving add-on for payback and continuing increased profit.  Continue Reading

                                               The Ultimate Collision Avoidance System [UCAS]

 DigiPLOT/AIS on e-Chart

AIS/ARPA interface superimposes appropriate AIS symbols on 
                                  Head up ARPA  display radar showing closest 40 echo’s true vectors                                        

DigiPilot Fuel Saving Technology                                       DigiPLOT Collision Avoidance

Fuel Cost Can be 30% to 60% of the Operating Cost for Ship Ownersnew fuel economy shipping retro-fit maritime shipping

DIGIPILOT is a Smart Autopilot that Optimizes Ship Rudder Movement to Provide Significant Savings in Both Dollars and Time.

20 of The Adaptive Autopilot Systems were Sold Yielding 1-3% Fuel Savings
This Fuel Savings can Translate into 6 to 12% Increase in your Profit.

DIGIPILOT is a “smart autopilot add-on” that optimizes ship’s rudder movement providing fuel efficiency, significant fuel savings in dollars and shortened trip time. The system was originally engineered for ships of 10,000 gross tons and larger in which self-adjusting steering control with very slow controlled turns even then provided substantial annual fuel savings of $25,000. Now savings is ten times more and can be easily retrofitted on existing smaller, high fuel usage ships having standard autopilots- vessels and fleets that can benefit most from fuel efficiency savings.

AutoMATE Marine Systems, LLC was incorporated to resume production of its highly successful DIGIPILOT

retrofit fuel saving technology rudder controller maritime shipping fuel efficiencyAUTOMATE™ products leverage 13 years and $6 million of pioneering development cost from the founders’ previous company on $41M sales of bridge automation systems on 550 ships that experienced 60 million hours of at sea automatic operation.

Patent(s) on improved technology of sensors, algorithms and control solutions are included in the re-hosting of software for today’s faster marine computer/displays, add-on ARPAs and ECDIS.

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